An introduction (without the buzz)

Updated: Jun 29

Before I begin sharing my whirlwind of an experience getting sober, I better introduce myself. I'm Sam - a twenty three year old graduate student located in Washington DC. I'm currently attending American University getting my masters in Intercultural Communication, and I work in Georgetown as a bartender (ironic, I know). I'm originally from Minnesota, and had a fairly exceptional childhood (never mind the parental divorce, but everyone has their own shit). Some of my hobbies include cooking and baking, hiking, traveling, reading, meditation, and writing. In 2018, I self-published my first book on the benefits of studying abroad. If you're interested, you can find it here.

This blog isn't about a girl who had a traumatic childhood, felt misunderstood and drank to take away her sorrows (although sometimes that was probably true). This is a story of a girl who didn't have anything necessarily wrong with her life, but drank to have a good time. Even though it was all fun and games in the beginning, somewhere along the way alcohol stopped being fun and started being problematic. Nonetheless, I'm not here to judge anyones reasoning for drinking, but rather here to encourage and celebrate those who decide to stop. Hell, I'm not even here to judge you if you do drink -there are plenty of people who can drink in moderation and never have a problem. Unfortunately, that just wasn't the case for me. And that's okay. Because I have found peace in sobriety. Today, I'm 121 days sober. And I'll be honest, it's one of the most challenging things that I have ever done, but it's been so rewarding. But I won't jump ahead of myself too much. I'll start from the beginning, and take you through my personal rollercoaster of putting down the bottle. See you next post!

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