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Sobriety was the wake up call I needed to live a meaningful and wholesome life. I knew that I needed to share my story, and that is where 'The Teetotal Twenties' was born. Since it's inception, I've had the opportunity to share my story on Annie Grace's podcast and blog. I'm currently writing my first memoir on the first year of my journey throughout recovery. I hope to continue to use my voice in similar projects moving forward. I intend to be a safe space where open dialogue about alcohol, recovery, and substance use is encouraged. 

On February 15th, I was interviewed by author of "This Naked Mind," Annie Grace! This opportunity was exciting for me because her book was one of the first "quit-lit" novels I read when I got sober! I'm humbled I was able to share my story with Annie's listeners, and hope to continue to do so in an authentic and vulnerable way. Click title or picture to watch it on Youtube!

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I shared my story on This Naked Mind's blog! Check out my post "How to Go Teetotal in your Twenties - Samantha's Naked Life" by clicking on the picture below! 

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